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Download App Voice Screen Lock.apk for Android

Free download apps android Voice Screen Lock.apk for your android smartphone or tablet from AplikaSoft.com. Please download the android application: Voice Screen Lock.apk by clicking the link: "Continue to Download".

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Voice Screen Lock.apk App Description

You use different lock screen with different pattern through secure your data or private or sensitive data. You wants totally different lock screen also this work with your voice. So your wish is complete. Voice Screen Lock application through you gets totally new style lock screen just you speak your password and open your lock. Any time you change this password easily. Also you change different background for your voice lock screen. This lock screen only open using your voices command not any one can open this lock screen. You also on or off your lock screen also on off your lock screen sound. Requires: Android 2.3 and Up. Tags: Security, Tools
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