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Chirag Patel:#1
I am Chirag Patel and i am an application developer with ebizzinfotech Software Company. Janne Jesa in Gujarati application created by my company Greencom Ebizzinfotech which is related to world news in Hindi .You add my application in your website that really appreciable for me. App details mention bellow.

Janne Jesa in Hindi

Short Desc:-
Interesting Quotes & News Information related to Technology, Entertainment, Rasoi Ghar, Spiritual and Laughter only in Hindi

Long Desc:-
With Jannejesa, you will be able to read all the Interesting News and Information related to Technology, Entertainment, Cooking, Health, Spiritual, Talent, Laughter and Quotes in Hindi .We know how it feels when you desperately want to read something but you don't understand the English Language in which it is written. But feel no shame in it because Hindi is our Mother Language and we should be proud of it instead of feeling disappointed that we don't know English.

In Jannejesa, you will find lots of interesting news, stuff and features that are well explained in depth to make you get interested. Go through some of the many features of this Application.
1) Only in Hindi
Each and every Article is written and explained in Hindi only.
2) Interesting Articles
you will find something different and unique in all of the Articles.
3) Choice of Categories
We have left no stone unturned and made sure that you get something unique every day.
4) Quotes in Hindi
Excellent Quotes displayed on an Attractive Image will make up your Day.
5) Bookmark Articles
you can Bookmark the Articles that you Like and Read it again instantly anytime.
6) Upload your Stories
Send your Articles to us and if approved it will be published with your Name.
7) WhatsApp Messages
|) Upload your Own Messages, View Others Messages and Share it instantly if you Like.
||) you can also add Messages to Favorites and view or share it later instantly.

Jannejesa is ideal for those people who want to check in some interesting news articles daily that create anxiousness while reading. There are many other Applications that provide interesting facts, articles and many more things to read but in English. This is why, Jannejesa can be extremely useful to all of the Indian people because here you will get all the latest updates and interesting news, facts, quotes and everything in Hindi.
Don't think that if it's in Hindi, you will only get updates related to Indian... No No No!! You will get Articles from all around the World's different Places and Countries. Are you curious to know what type of Articles we publish in our Categories? Then Check it below.
I. Technology
all the current trends as well as information from the technological World.
II. Entertainment
Box Office Updates, Film stars News, Upcoming Movies... All the Latest updates from the Entertainment World.
III. Cooking
Daily delicious Recipes Updates from some of the World's best known Cooks.
IV. Health
Get Information on How to keep yourself healthy in this Polluted World.
V. Spiritual
Know and Learn about different religions and their recognition.
VI. Talent
Discover Hidden Talents of People from all around the Globe.
VII. Laughter
Get Jokes updates, Funny Videos, and many more to keep yourself stress free.
VIII. Quotes
Excellent Quotes Updates about Courage, Mother, Life, Fight, etc... Well described on attractive image.
Up to this point, you must have had Glimpses of what's there around in the Application. But make sure that you do Download and Check what the Application for you is.
Play store:
Apk Links:

Janne, Jesa, Hindi, News

Thanks and Regards
Chirag Patel
13 July 2016 (13:16)IN

Chirag Patel:#2
I am Chirag Patel and i am a application developer with ebizzinfotech software company. Export Whatsapp Contact application created by Ebizzinfotech which is related to Social/Communication. So kindly request you to Publish my application on your website. App details mention bellow.

Title :

Export Contacts For WhatsApp

Short Des:

Export All WhatsApp Contacts from your phone book

Long Des:

Need to have a handy list of contacts from your contact list who are using WhatsApp. This app provides you option to export the list to a file.


1) Export WhatsApp Contacts from your phone book
2) Unlimited WhatsApp Contacts Export like 10,000, 20,0000, or in lakhs
3) Best UI
4) Check status of your WhatsApp contact in your Phone book

How to Export?

For First time directly open our app and export contacts For second time follow below steps..
1. Delete all contacts from phone book if you are exporting second time.
2. Refresh in WhatsApp and wait till it shows 0 contacts in WhatsApp.
3. Import new contacts in Phone book
4. Again refresh in WhatsApp and wait until all contacts are sync.
5. Now open our app and export all WhatsApp contacts.

Play Store:


Apk Links:




Thanks and Regards
Chirag Patel
17 June 2016 (09:04)IN

Chirag Patel:#3
I am Chirag Patel and I am an application developer with ebizzinfotech Software Company. My Swara application created by Ebizzinfotech which is related to Music. So kindly request you to publish my application on your website. App details mention bellow.

My Swara

Short Des:

Biggest platform for new musical talents to enhance the level of Musical Platform in India.

Long Des:

MySwara will certainly change the whole perception of Musical Industry with its unique concept that's never ever imagined before. Therefore, if you have any Musical Talent, Knowledge, Shop "or" are in search of any Singers, Musicians, etc. than consider MySwara as your best option.

What is MySwara
MySwara is a Musical Application specially developed for people who have interest in Music. The main aim of the application is to connect searching users with relevant Artists, Singers, Music Shop Owners, Academy, Groups, Sound and Lightning Providers, etc. people. In short, users get what they want and in return artists get paid for their services.
Check out some Exciting Features of this Application
Easy Earnings
➺ just fill out your Profile information in the App to start getting enquiries from interested users. By doing this, you can easily earn good amount of Money depending on your talent and service.
Artists from each and every corner of India
➺ In the Application, there are everybody related to the Musical Industry from Singers, Musicians to Technicians, Musical Shop Owners, Teachers, etc... From each and every part of India
Search, Connect and Deliver
➺ just input your Search query and get the best filtered list instantly according to your requirements. Then you can easily connect with anybody for free instantly to start your service Delivery!
No Hidden Charges!
➺ It’s absolutely free for users to search and connect with anybody instantly. All the contact information will be displayed to users for Free.
Reliable and 100% secure
➺ Security is our utmost priority and we won't deliver anyone's information to anybody without prior verification from user side.
About the Application
➺ In the Application, Musicians, Singers, etc. just need to Register and create their profile in their relevant category and then users will search them depending upon their requirements. This way, users will be able to reach the Right persons according to their Musical events easily without and kind of roaming or searching and same way Musicians, Singers, etc. will be able to display their talent to the full extent and also earn good amount of Money. This Application will be immensely helpful for everybody who are seeking Job in Musical Industry.
➺ It's a pretty unique Application in which you can find different types of Musicians with different skills like Indian Rhythm, India Solo Instruments, Western Rhythm, Guitar, other Melody Instruments, Piano/Keyboard, Woodwinds, Saxophone, Strings, Strokes, Brass, Accordion, Harp, Mouth Organ and many more. This Application will help users find out correct Musicians as per their Requirements for Events.
➺ Talent and Service are the two main categories available in the Application. In the talent category you can find Music artist, Singers, Speech artists, Music creation & Production with Sound engineer & Technicians whereas in Services you can find different services for studios, sound & lighting providers, music academy, music shop, event management and music bands & groups. In short, whatever your Requirement is, you will get a Perfect option in the Application.
➺ Registration is available for Musicians who wants to show their talent, work, and portfolio to users. Therefor anybody can make their profile with their Talent so that he can be easily contacted when required. All the necessary information like Work Experience, Awards and Charges for an Event can be viewed by a user in their Profile.
Therefore, Download the Application and start marking Good Money right now
Play Store:


Apk Links:



Social, music, android, application

Thanks and Regards
Chirag Patel
27 May 2016 (11:19)ASIA

Chirag Patel:#4
I am Chirag Patel and i am a application developer with ebizzinfotech software company. Auto Date and Time stamp on Photo application created by me which is related to photography. I will be very appreciate if you post our app on your Website. My App details mention bellow.


Auto Date and Time Stamp on Photo

Short Desc:-

Capture Images with current Date and Time on it through "DEFAULT CAMERA" Only

Medium Desc:-

While viewing Photos in a Particular Album, many a times you face situation like you want to know the date or time on which a particular photo was snapped and you start pressuring your Brain. But now don't worry because with the help of "Auto Date and Time Stamp on Photo" Application, your Pictures will always be stamped with Date and Time.

Check out some Exciting Features of this Application:-

1) Manual On/Off Functionality

Set Date and Time Stamp only on the Photos you wish with the help of "Stamp Toggle On/Off" Functionality.

2) Use of Default Camera

No need to open up the Application and click images to stamp date and time instead use your Smartphone's inbuilt Camera with all its functionalities.

3) Adjustable Stamp Format

You can adjust the format of Date and Time Stamp according to your choice from many options available.

4) Varieties in Font Format (After PRO)

Choose which Font you want to display in your Image as Date and Time Stamp.

5) Stamp position where you want (After PRO)

Select the position where you want to stamp the date and time in a Picture.

6) Manual Selection of Stamp Color (After PRO)

In accordance to the Background of the image, you can choose custom color for Date and Time Stamp.

In other Applications, you need to open up the App and then click images through their inbuilt Camera to stamp date and time which does not allow you to use your inbuilt Camera's Features. But this Application is completely different and what you need to do is just install this Application and set preferences according to your convenience.

That's it. Then click images as you do normally through your Default Camera and date and time stamp will be automatically inserted into it. The main benefit of using this Application is that you can click images with all the features of your Default Camera.

Download the Application Now to stamp Authority on your Images.

Play Store URL:-


Apk URL:-


Thanks and Regards
Chirag Patel
18 April 2016 (11:18)EU

Auto Date and Time S:#5
I am Chirag Patel and i am a application developer with ebizzinfotech software company. Auto Date and Time stamp on Photo application created by me which is related to photography. App details mention bellow.


Auto Date and Time Stamp on Photo

Short Desc:-

Capture Images with current Date and Time on it through "DEFAULT CAMERA" Only
23 February 2016 (09:21)IN

Auto Signature Stamp:#6
Short Desc:-

Snap Images with your Signature on it through Default Camera
22 February 2016 (12:47)ASIA

Video Vokep terbaru 2016
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01 February 2016 (17:28)ID

08 November 2015 (15:40)US

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21 August 2015 (03:11)ID

Please upload Java mobilephone Apps
27 June 2015 (21:40)IN

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